Every car comes with a “check engine” indicator on the dashboard, but nobody likes to see that light illuminated. Your check engine light could be on for quite a few different reasons. This indicator lets you know if your car is in need of a replacement of one or more parts of your engine or exhaust system. Parts include a catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, mass airflow sensor, spark plugs, wires, faulty gas cap, vacuum leak, exhaust gas re circulation valve failure, dead battery, or a problem with your car alarm.

A solid “check engine” light should be dealt with at your earliest convenience, however a flashing light may indicate an urgent diagnosis.



  • Complete visual inspection of engine components
  • Expert installation of spark plugs
  • Idle and timing setting
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Restore performance of fuel system
  • 3-step removal of carbon deposits on the fuel injectors

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